Catchphrase Jones is a two-time skit in the second season premiere of Loiter Squad. The film was produced by Cornell Haley and Loiter Squad Films.

Episode 1: Hammer TimeEdit

Catchphrase Jones fights The Black Claw until he crushes his right hand with a large hammer as the Black Claw vows that he will find Catchphrase Jones.

Episode 2: A Dish Best Served BlackEdit

The Black Claw uses butter knives in a holder as his new hand as he and Catchphrase Jones fight until Catchphrase Jones removes The Black Claw's hand as The Black Claw runs until Catchphrase Jones stabs him until he walks away with one more catchphrase, "They Don't Call Me Catchphrase Jones Because I'm Black" as The Black Claw is still alive.


  • Lionel Boyce as Catchphrase Jones
  • Jasper Dolphin as The Black Claw

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